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tom and theresa: valhalla's proud owners
Tom and Theresa
The Owners
Owned and operated by Tom and Theresa, Valhalla Tours is a professional travel organization with a reputation for excellence and responsibility. We share a special love and respect for the tropics, we are uniquely qualified to help you make the most of your visit to Costa Rica.

Our group itineraries are all custom-designed, in accordance with the specific requirements of our clients, and constitute the majority of all our business. Valhalla Tours operates general natural history and cultural tours as well as special interest itineraries for activities such as birding, botany, photography and folklore.

Once the client approves the final itinerary, Valhalla Tours will make the corresponding reservations. Valhalla Tours will try to maintain the original itinerary, but it is important to emphasize that due to space availability, itineraries may need to be modified. Changes may include places to visit, hotels, and sequence of itinerary.

Here is what happy clients have to say about us:

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