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     Since October 1994 the Valhalla Tours Team has been working together
     offering a complete selection of tours.

     Owned and operated by Tom and Theresa, Valhalla Tours is a professional
     travel organization with a reputation for excellence and responsibility.
     They share a special love and respect for all the unique destinations they build holidays      for and so, they are uniquely qualified to help you make the most of your visit to
     many destinations around the world.

     We provide our passengers with the finest attention, offering them the
     opportunity to see incredible landscapes and beautiful cultures while visiting our
     featured destinations of 2007.  This is why Valhalla Tours is a premium class by itself,
     with an eye on the future and thinking ahead about the needs and demands of
     our clientele.

     Tom & Theresa

Tom and Theresa - Valhalla Tours

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