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1. Disney World Tour Package
     The Magic Your Way package is a starter package that helps you experience
the magic of a Walt Disney World® vacation at an affordable rate. And as a
Disney Resort Guest, all the Disney Resort benefits are available to you.


2. Everglades and Naples Adventure
     Billie Swamp for Airboat Ride, Sightseeing cruise of Naples in the waters of the Intracoastal Waterway and the Gulf of Mexico. Spend the late afternoon on the beaches of the Gulf of Mexico and enjoy a drink or meal at a Tikki bar.


3. Kennedy Space Center Tour
   Meet face-to-face with one of the few who have flown in space, "live" at the Astronaut Encounter
Touch a piece of Mars at the Exploration in the New Millennium, and have a chance to see the actual space shuttle and launch pads from the L39 observation Gantry.


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